Are you looking to start a business in the United States?

There are a number of options available to those interested in investing in a new business in the United States.  The  required investment amount varies from case to case.  You may be eligible to make an EB-5 investment and be on the way to getting your green card or maybe obtain an E visa by setting up your own business.  Contact us today to discuss your options.  Check out USCIS’s Entreprenuer Pathways Guide for some basic information at


Provisional Waivers for Relatives of US Citizens to take effect on March 4, 2013

You may be eligible to apply for a provisional waiver if  you are the beneficiary of an immigrant visa petition as an immediate relative.  If you have a spouse that is a US citizen, a parent that is a US citizen (if you are under 21 and unmarried), or if you have an adult (over 21) US citizen child, you may be eligible for this process.  If you qualify you will be able to submit your waiver application in the United States instead of your home country.  Contact us today at 302-295-5002 to see if you qualify for this program!

Deferred Action/ Accion Deferida

You may be eligible to apply for deferred action


Did you come to the United States before turning 16?

Have you lived in the United States for the past five years?

Are you currently in school or have you graduated from high School?

If you answered yes to these three questions you may be eligible for deferred action!

To date USCIS has approved nearly 4600 applications.